Acta Horticulturae

Collecting banana diversity in eastern Indonesia

Sutanto, A., Edison, H.S., Riska, Nasution, F., Hermanto, C., Čížková, J., Hřibová, E., Doležel, J., Roux, N., Horry, J.-P., Daniells, J.W., De Langhe, E.
ACTA HORTICULTURAE 1114 : 19-25 , 2016
Klíčová slova: banana, diversity, Musa, Indonesia

The field verification activity: a cooperative approach to the management of the global Musa in vitro collection at the International Transit Centre

Chase, R., Sardos, J., Ruas, M., Van den houwe, I., Roux, N., Hřibová, E., Doležel, J.
ACTA HORTICULTURAE 1114 : 61-65 , 2016
Klíčová slova: banana, Field Verification, ITC, molecular characterization, morphological characterization, off-type, somaclonal variants

A simple and robust approach for genotyping in Musaceae

Hřibová, E., Christelová, P., Roux, N., Doležel, J.
ACTA HORTICULTURAE 986 : 241-246 , 2013
Klíčová slova: fragment analysis, genotyping platform, microsatellite markers, Musa, Musa Genotyping Centre, nuclear genome

Acclimation of plantlets to ex vitro conditions: effects of air humidity, irradiance, CO2 concentration and abscisic acid

Pospíšilová, J., Synková, H., Haisel, D., Semorádová, Š.
ACTA HORTICULTURAE 748 : 29-38 , 2007
Klíčová slova:

Biotechnology methods for plant biomass production under controlled conditions

Langhansová L., Maršík P., Landa P., Vaněk T.
ACTA HORTICULTURAE 723 : 263-268 , 2006
Klíčová slova:

Effective micropropagation of mature aspen: Use in breeding.

Malá J., Máchová P., Cvrčková H., Čížková L., Soudek P.
ACTA HORTICULTURAE 764 : 239-246 , 2007
Klíčová slova: aspen, micropropagation, Agrobacterium tumefaciens