Exocytosis and cell polarity in plants - exocyst and recycling domains.

Žárský V., Cvrčková F., Potocký M., Hála M.
NEW PHYTOLOGIST 183 : 255-272 , 2009
Klíčová slova: cell polarity, Exo70, exocyst, exocytosis, GTPases, membrane recycling, recycling domain, secretory pathway

The fission yeast mitotic activator cdc25 and sucrose induce early flowering synergistically in the day-neutral Nicotiana tabacum cv. Samsun

Teichmanová, M.; Mašková, P.; Vojvodová, P.; Krekule, Jan; Francis, D.; Lipavská, H.
NEW PHYTOLOGIST 176 [4] : 804-812 , 2007
Klíčová slova: cdc25 gene; cell cycle regulation; day neutral tobacco

Arabidopsis group Ie formins localize to specific cell membrane domains, interact with actin-binding proteins and cause defects in cell expansion upon aberrant expression

Deeks, M.J.; Cvrčková, F.; Machesky, M. L.; Mikitova, V.; Ketelaar, T.; Žárský, Viktor; Davies, B.; Hussey, P.J.
NEW PHYTOLOGIST 168 [3] : 529-540 , 2005
Klíčová slova: actin; Arabidopsis; cytoskeleton

Reactive oxygen species produced by NADPH oxidase are involved in pollen tube growth

Potocký M., Jones M. A., Bezvoda R., Smirnoff N., Žárský V.
NEW PHYTOLOGIST 174 : 742-751 , 2007
Klíčová slova: calcium signalling, cell expansion, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), NADPH oxidase, Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco), polarised cell growth, superoxide, pollen