Auxin and its role in the plant development.

Zažímalová E., Petrášek J., Benková E.
Auxin and its role in the plant development. : 444, 2014

Klíčová slova: auxin, development
Abstrakt: Auxin is an important signaling compound in plants and vital for plant development and growth. The present book, Auxin and its Role in Plant Development, provides the reader with detailed and comprehensive insight into the functioning of the molecule on the whole and specifically in plant development. In the first part, the functioning, metabolism and signaling pathways of auxin in plants are explained, the second part depicts the specific role of auxin in plant development and the third part describes the interaction and functioning of the signaling compound upon stimuli of the environment. Each chapter is written by international experts in the respective field and designed for scientists and researchers in plant biology, plant development and cell biology to summarize the recent progress in understanding the role of auxin and suggest future perspectives for auxin research.
DOI: Autoři z ÚEB: Jan Petrášek, Eva Zažímalová