Biotechnology methods for plant biomass production under controlled conditions

Langhansová L., Maršík P., Landa P., Vaněk T.
ACTA HORTICULTURAE 723: 263-268, 2006

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Abstrakt: Biotechnology methods of use of plant cell as well as organized cultures in different bioreactors has overcome several inconveniences for the production of both plant biomass and secondary metabolites. This approach, presented here in examples of Taxus baccata and Panax ginseng, can be used for the development of biotechnologies in Labiatae too. In suspension cultures of Taxus baccata L. cultivated in 5 l bioreactor in liquid media according to Erickson supplemented with different growth hormones taxol and 8 its analogues were identified. For scale-up of ginseng in vitro biomass production, 7 types of bioreactors were compared. Root culture in the RITA TIS was found to be optimal for ginsenoside production and regarding a high biomass growth we can ponder Erlenmeyer flasks system as a proliferating step.
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Autoři z ÚEB: Přemysl Landa, Lenka Langhansová, Petr Maršík, Tomáš Vaněk