Cytokinin affinity purification and identification of a tobacco BY-2 adenosine kinase

Laukens, K.; Lenobel, René; Strnad, Miroslav; Onckelen, H.; Witters, E.
FEBS LETTERS 533 [1/3]: 63-66, 2003

Klíčová slova: Adenosine kinase; Tobacco Bright Yellow 2; Cytokinin
Abstrakt: Adenosine kinase is one of the enzymes potentially responsible for the formation of cytokinin nucleotides in plants. Using a zeatin affinity column a 40 kDa protein was isolated from tobacco Bright Yellow 2 (TBY-2) and identified by mass spectrometry as adenosine kinase. The ligand interaction reported here can be disrupted by several other adenine- but not guanine-based purine derivatives. The observed interaction with cytokinins is discussed in view of a putative role for adenosine kinase in TBY-2 cytokinin metabolism. The presented results show for the first time a plant adenosine kinase affinity-purified to homogeneity that was identified by primary structure analysis.
Autoři z ÚEB: René Lenobel, Miroslav Strnad