Cytonuclear interplay in auto- and allopolyploids: a multifaceted perspective from the Festuca-Lolium complex

Shahbazi, M., Majka, J., Kubíková, D., Zwierzykowski, Z., Glombik, M., . Wendel, J.F., Sharbrough, J., Hartmann, J., Szecówka, M., Doležel, J., Bartoš, J., Kopecký, D. Kneřová, J.
PLANT JOURNAL 118: 1102-1118, 2024

Klíčová slova: allopolyploidy, autopolyploidy, chloroplast, cytonuclear interactions, Festuca pratensis Huds., gene expression, Lolium multiflorum lam., organelle DNA, protein modeling, whole genome duplication
Abstrakt: Restoring cytonuclear stoichiometry is necessary after whole-genome duplication (WGD) and interspecific/ intergeneric hybridization in plants. We investigated this phenomenon in auto- and allopolyploids of the Festuca-Lolium complex providing insights into the mechanisms governing cytonuclear interactions in early polyploid and hybrid generations. Our study examined the main processes potentially involved in restoring the cytonuclear balance after WGD comparing diploids and new and well-established autopolyploids. We uncovered that both the number of chloroplasts and the number of chloroplast genome copies were significantly higher in the newly established autopolyploids and grew further in more established autopolyploids. The increase in the copy number of the chloroplast genome exceeded the rise in the number of chloroplasts and fully compensated for the doubling of the nuclear genome. In addition, changes in nuclear and organelle gene expression were insignificant. Allopolyploid Festuca 3 Lolium hybrids displayed potential structural conflicts in parental protein variants within the cytonuclear complexes. While biased maternal allele expression has been observed in numerous hybrids, our results suggest that its role in cytonuclear stabilization in the Festuca 3 Lolium hybrids is limited. This study provides insights into the restoration of the cytonuclear stoichiometry, yet it emphasizes the need for future research to explore post-transcriptional regulation and its impact on cytonuclear gene expression stoichiometry. Our findings may enhance the understanding of polyploid plant evolution, with broader implications for the study of cytonuclear interactions in diverse biological contexts.
DOI: 10.1111/tpj.16659
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Autoři z ÚEB: Jan Bartoš, Jaroslav Doležel, Marek Glombik, David Kopecky, Joanna Majka, Mehrdad Shahbazi, Marek Szecówka, Jana Szecówka (Kn...