DArTFest – a platform for high-throughput genome profiling within the Festuca – Lolium complex

Kopecký, D., Bartoš, J., Lukaszewski, A.J., Baird, J.H., Černoch, V., Kölliker, R., Sandve, S.R., Rognli, O.A., Blois, H., Caig, V., Doležel, J., Kilian, A.
In: Huyghe, Ch. (ed.): Sustainable use of genetic diversity in forage and turf breeding. Springer. : 443-448, 2010

Klíčová slova: DArT, Fescue, Hybrids, Introgression, Mapping, Ryegrass
Abstrakt: With the ďm to facilitate high-throughput genome profiling and genetic and physical mapping within the Festuca-Inlium, gomplex, we have developed a Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) array for five important species: Festuca pratensis, Festuca arundinacea, Festuca glaucescens, Inlium perenne and Lolium multiflorum. The DArTFest array contains 7,680 probes derived from methylfiltered genomic representations. Of 3,884 polymorphic DArT markers identified in the first marker discovery experiment, over 1,000 markers detected a positive allele in each species. We assigned DArT markers to individuď chromosome regions of F. pratensis using a series of single chromosome substitution and recombinant lines of E pratensis in Z. multiflorum. Moreover, we enriched the existing genetic map of F. pratensis by over 200 DArT markers and existing genetic map of Z. multiflorum by over 500 DAIT markers. The resonrces developed in this project will facilitate development of genetic maps in Festuca and I'olium, the anďysis of genomic constitution in Festuca x Lolium hybrids, as well as marker-assisted selection for multiple traits.
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Autoři z ÚEB: Jan Bartoš, Jaroslav Doležel, David Kopecky