Genetic mapping of a new flowering time gene on chromosome 3B of wheat

Pánková K., Milec Z., Simmonds J., Leverington-Waite M., Fish L., Snape J. W
EUPHYTICA 164: 779 - 787, 2008

Klíčová slova: Chromosome 3B, Earliness per se, Genetic mapping, Photoperiod response, Vernalization, Wheat
Abstrakt: The single chromosome substitution lines of chromosome 3B of the Czech alternative wheat variety Česká přesívka (CP 3B) into two spring varieties Zlatka and Sandra, revealed clear differences in flowering time compared to the recipient varieties. To map this gene(s), recombinant substitution lines for chromosome 3B were produced from crosses of the substitution lines with their recipient parents and genetic maps developed using SSR markers. Two populations were mapped, Sandra//Sandra 3B/Sandra (CP 3B) and Zlatka//Zlatka/Zlatka (CP 3B). Combining the genotype data with phenotype data on flowering time in five independent experiments under natural long day or controlled short day conditions revealed a single flowering time QTL. This gene had an additive effect of 1– 6 days, depending on environment and genetic background, and was mapped in both populations to a position in the region of marker Xbarc164 near the centromere on the long arm of 3B. Comparisons of the genetic maps with other 3B maps developed by the authors indicated that the QTL may be homologous to a QTL segregating in UK germplasm.
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