Molecular cytogenetic analysis of wheat pre-breeding material containing chromosomes from two wheatgrass species

Gaál E., Said M., Lenykó-Thegze M., Cséplő M., Vida G., Dolezel J., Molnár I
Plant Biotechnology: Green for Good V : , 2019

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Abstrakt: Perennial wheatgrasses possess many useful traits which can be transferred to wheat to improve its tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses. The high crossability of Thinopyrum elongatum (EE) and Agropyron cristatum (PPPP) with wheat make them suitable gene sources. In the present study, the analysis of leaf rust inoculation showed that 1P and 2P chromosomes might be carrying genes providing moderate and high level of resistance. Motivated by these findings, we initiated a program for the development of new pre-breeding materials containing both E and P chromosomes and chromosome segments in wheat background. Therefore, the 1E and 3E CS-Th. Elongatum disomic addition lines were crossed with the corresponding CS-A. Cristatum. GISH and FISH analysis of the F1 hybrids showed that the 3P chromosome was missing in higher frequency than 3E, while 1E and 1P were maintained in the progeny. We are intending to self-pollinate the F1 hybrids to create new translocations between the E and P chromosomes, and we will extend the crossing program to include the remaining addition lines. These pre-breeding lines can be also used for the physical mapping of molecular markers on E and P genomes. Supported by OTKA K116277 • MTA KEP-5/2018 • GACR Award 315160-2015
Autoři z ÚEB: Jaroslav Doležel, Istvan Molnar, Mahmoud Said