Salt-specific gene expression reveals elevated auxin levels in Arabidopsis thaliana plants grown under saline conditions

Cackett L., Cannistraci C.V., Meier S., Ferrandi P., Pěnčík A., Gehring C., Novák O., Ingle R., Donaldson L.

Klíčová slova: IAA, auxin, growth, ionic, osmotic, plant, salinity, salt stress
Abstrakt: Soil salinization is increasing globally, driving a reduction in crop yields that threatens food security. Salinity stress reduces plant growth by exerting two stresses on plants: rapid shoot ion-independent effects which are largely osmotic and delayed ionic effects that are specific to salinity stress. In this study we set out to delineate the osmotic from the ionic effects of salinity stress. Arabidopsis thaliana plants were germinated and grown for two weeks in media supplemented with 50, 75, 100, or 125 mM NaCl (that imposes both an ionic and osmotic stress) or iso-osmolar concentrations (100, 150, 200, or 250 mM) of sorbitol, that imposes only an osmotic stress. A subsequent transcriptional analysis was performed