Phospholipase Dζ2 Drives Vesicular Secretion of Auxin for Its Polar Cell-Cell Transport in the Transition Zone of the Root Apex

Mancuso, S.; Marras, A.M.; Mugnai, S.; Schlicht, M.; Žárský, Viktor; Li, G.; Song, L.; Xue, H.W.; Baluška, F.
PLANT SIGNALLING & BEHAVIOR 2 [4] : 240-244 , 2007
Keywords: auxin; Brefeldin A; plant synapse; phospholipase D

Development of Erect Leaves in a Modern Maize Hybrid is Associated with Reduced Responsiveness to Auxin and Light of Young Seedlings in vitro

Fellner, Martin; Ford, E.D.; Van Volkenburgh, E.
PLANT SIGNALLING & BEHAVIOR 1 [4] : 201-211 , 2006
Keywords: auxin; auxin-binding protein; growth; leaf angle; light; maize

Auxin Immunolocalization Implicates Vesicular Neurotransmitter-Like Mode of Polar Auxin Transport in Root Apices

Schlicht, M.; Strnad, Miroslav; Scanlon, M.J.; Mancuso, S.; Hochholdinger, F.; Palme, K.; Volkmann, D.; Menzel, D.; Baluška, F.
PLANT SIGNALLING & BEHAVIOR 1 [3] : 122-133 , 2006
Keywords: Auxin Transport; Vesicular Neurotransmitter