Characterization of O- a N-glucosylation pathways in cytokinin metabolism during Arabidopsis thaliana ontogenesis

Academic dissertation

Supervisor: ing. Václav MOTYKA, CSc.
Tutor: ing. Eva ŽIŽKOVÁ, PhD.
Laboratiry: Institute of Experimental Botany CAS
Characterization of O- and N-glucosylation pathways in cytokinin metabolism during Arabidopsis thaliana ontogenesis
Cytokinins (CKs) are plant hormones that influence a wide variety of physiological and developmental processes. Their metabolism includes not only biosynhesis, translocation and degradation but also O- a N-glucosylation pathways (reversible as well as irreversible conjugation with glucose). A role of CK- O- and N-glucoconjugates including genes involved in regulation of their levels in plants has already been described, however, a more complex view on the occurence and modulation of CK-glucosides during plant ontogenesis has not been published yet. Recent findings including data from our experiments indicate that especially CK-N-glucosides as the assumed final products of CK metabolism may be degraded and exhibit biological effects. The thesis will be aimed at characterization of O- and N-glucosylation pathways, expression profiles of important genes involved in CK metabolism  and determination of biological effects of CK-O- and N-glucosides.
ing. Václav Motyka, CSc.                                          ing. Eva Žižková, PhD.
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published 215-09-23

Václav Motyka
Eva Pokorná