The Effects of Electric Current on Flowering of Grafted Scions of Non-Vernalized Winter Rape

Filek, M.; Biesaga-KoĽcelniak, J.; Marcińska, I.; Krekule, Jan; Macháčková, Ivana
BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 46 [4]: 625-628, 2003

Keywords: Brassica napus; photoperiodic induction of flowering; transmission of floral stimuli by grafting
Abstract: Non-vernalized scions were grafted onto vernalized stocks in winter rape (Brassica napus L. var. oleifera, cv. Górczański). The grafted plants were subjected to electric current (30 V for 30 s or 6 V for 24 h) and the percentage of flowering scions was recorded. The negative polarity with cathode (-) attached to the scion and anode (+) left close to the roots inhibited greatly the percentage of flowering. The reverse polarity enhanced flowering markedly under short days and only slightly promoted flowering under long days. Attachment of electrodes without passing a current had no effect on flowering.
IEB authors: Jan Krekule