ER-localized auxin transporter PIN8 regulates auxin homeostasis and male gametophyte development in Arabidopsis.

Ding, Z., Wang B., Moreno I., Dupláková N., Simon S., Carraro N., Reemmer J., Pěnčík A., Chen X., Tejos R., Skůpa P., Pollmann S., Mravec J., Petrášek J., Zažímalová E., Honys D., Rolčík J., Murphy A., Orellana A., Geisler M., Friml J.

Keywords: PIN8, auxin, gametophyte
Abstract: Auxin is a key coordinative signal required for many aspects of plant development and its levels are controlled by auxin metabolism and intercellular auxin transport. Here we find that a member of PIN auxin transporter family, PIN8 is expressed in male gametophyte of Arabidopsis thaliana and has a crucial role in pollen development and functionality. Ectopic expression in sporophytic tissues establishes a role of PIN8 in regulating auxin homoeostasis and metabolism. PIN8 co-localizes with PIN5 to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) where it acts as an auxin transporter. Genetic analyses reveal an antagonistic action of PIN5 and PIN8 in the regulation of intracellular auxin homoeostasis and gametophyte as well as sporophyte development. Our results reveal a role of the auxin transport in male gametophyte development in which the distinct actions of ER-localized PIN transporters regulate cellular auxin homoeostasis and maintain the auxin levels optimal for pollen development and pollen tube growth.
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IEB authors: Nikoleta Dupľáková, David Honys, Jan Petrášek, Petr Skůpa, Eva Zažímalová