Flow cytogenetic analysis of the wheat genome

Doležel, Jaroslav; Doleželová, Marie; Suchánková, Pavla; Šafář, Jan; Kovářová, Pavlína; Bartoš, Jan; Číhalíková, Jarmila; Šimková, Hana
In Frontiers of Wheat Bioscience. The 100th Memorial Issue of Wheat Information Service. Yokohama : Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation for the Advancement of Life Sciences : 3-15, 2005

Keywords: Flow cytogenetics; chromosome addition lines; DNA libraries
Abstract: Since the first successful flow cytometric analysis and sorting, the number of applications of flow cytogenetics in wheat has been growing. In many areas, the flow-based approaches are superior to the traditional ones. They make the analyses more targeted, more cost effective, more productive and more sensitive. The individual applications of flow-sorted chromosomes should not be seen as isolated approaches. On the contrary, together they provide a unique and powerful flow-based strategy for wheat genomics.
IEB authors: Jan Bartoš, Jaroslav Doležel, Jan Šafář, Hana Šimková, Pavla Suchánková