Identification of a novel retrotransposon with sex chromosome-specific distribution in Silene latifolia

Kralova, T., Cegan, R., Kubat, Z., Vrána, J., Vyskot, B., Vogel, I., Kejnovsky, E., Hobza, R.

Keywords: Microdissection, Sex chromosomes, Silene latifolia (white campion), Retrotransposons
Abstract: Silene latifolia is a dioecious plant species with chromosomal sex determination. Although the evolution of sex chromosomes in S. latifolia has been the subject of numerous studies, a global view of X chromosome structure in this species is still missing. Here, we combine X chromosome microdissection and BAC library screening to isolate new X chromosome-linked sequences. Out of 8 identified BAC clones, only BAC 86M14 showed an X-preferential signal after FISH experiments. Further analysis revealed the existence of the Athila retroelement which is enriched in the X chromosome and nearly absent in the Y chromosome. Based on previous data, the Athila retroelement belongs to the CL3 group of most repetitive sequences in the S. latifolia genome. Structural, transcriptomics and phylogenetic analyses revealed that Athila CL3 represents an old clade in the Athila lineage. We propose a mechanism responsible for Athila CL3 distribution in the S. latifolia genome.
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IEB authors: Roman Hobza, Jan Vrána