Improving crop tolerance to heavy metal stress by polyamine application

Soudek P., Ursu M., Petrová Š., Vaněk T.
FOOD CHEMISTRY 213: 223-229, 2016

Keywords: Vegetables; Heavy metal; Accumulation; Polyamine; Daily intake; Biofortification
Abstract: Many areas have been heavily contaminated by heavy metals from industry and are not suitable for food production. The consumption of contaminated foods represents a health risk in humans, although some heavy metals are essential at low concentrations. Increasing the concentrations of essential elements in foods is one goal to improve nutrition. The aim of this study was to increase the accumulation of heavy metals in plant foods by the external application of putrescine. The levels of cadmium, zinc and iron were measured in different vegetables grown in hydroponic medium supplemented with heavy metals and compared with those grown in a reference medium. The estimated daily intake, based on the average daily consumption for various vegetable types, and the influence of polyamines on metal uptake were calculated.
DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2016.06.087
IEB authors: Šárka Petrová, Petr Soudek, Tomáš Vaněk, bývalý zaměstnanec