Imaging facility

Confocal laser scanning microscope Zeiss LSM 5 Duo equipped with spectral detection and fast line scanner. Using this microscope, in 2006-2010 there have been published numerous original contributions using multichannel and spectral imaging as well as photomanipulation techniques like FRAP and FRET. The unit was equipped with automated station for in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry on whole mounts and sections (The Operational Programme Prague - Competitiveness, project CZ.2.16/3.1.00/21159; 2009), which allowed improvement of immunofluorescence methods.

IF Reservation System


There are three automatic systems for the analysis of plant samples at the institute. The first one provides isolation and analysis of DNA and RNA for search of genes and its activity. The second one executes protein analysis. Both are used in Laboratory of Pollen Biology. The third robot provides specific staining of samples for microscopic analysis. Those methods allow visualization of studied proteins in particular cells This robot are used in Laboratory of Hormonal Regulations in Plants. The picture shows the robot for analysis of nucleic acids.

Mass spectrometer

Mass spectrometer connected to high efficiency two dimensional liquid chromatograph (2D-LC/MS) Modular two dimensional liquid chromatograph (Ultimate 3000, Dionex) and hybrid triple kvadrupol/linear ion trap (3200 Q TRAP LC/MS/MS, Applied Biosystems) enable us to execute identification, quantification and observe the biologic active compounds, particularly phytohormones. More information here.