Isoprenoid‑derived plant signaling molecules: biosynthesis and biological importance

Tarkowská D., Strnad M.
PLANTA : , 2018

Keywords: Dimethylallyl diphosphate, isopentenyl diphosphate, isoprenoids, plant hormones, phytoecdysteroids, terpenoids
Abstract: Cellular organisms use chemical signals for intercellular communication to coordinate their growth, development, and responses to environmental cues. The skeletons of majority of plant signaling molecules, mediators of plant intercellular ‘broadcasting’, are built from C5 units of isoprene and therefore belong to a huge and diverse group of natural substances called isoprenoids (terpenoids). They fill many important roles in nature. This review summarizes current knowledge of the biosynthesis and biological importance of a group of isoprenoid-derived plant signaling compounds.
DOI: 0.1007/s00425-018-2878-x IEB authors: Miroslav Strnad, Danuše Tarkowská