Monitoring of the Effect of Dimethyl Sulfoxide on the Growth and Viability of Immobilized Plant Cells Using Two-dimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Vaňková, Radomíra; Kuncová, Gabriela; Podrazký, Ondřej; Gaudinová, Alena; Vaněk, Tomáš
In Proceedings. France : Bioencapsulation Research Group : 1-4, 2003

Keywords: fluorescence spectroscopy; immobilization; dimethyl sulfoxide
Abstract: Using two-dimensional fluorescence spectroscopy, the growth of tobacco cells immobilized in alginate and pectate was monitored during the cultivation of the beads via the fluorescence of proteins (especially of tryptophan). Cell viability was followed by determination of their esterase activity using fluorescein diacetate as a substrate. This technique enables to measure the fluorescence of two fluorophores simultaneously. The effect of several stresses, (namely high and low temperature and the presence of organic solvent dimethylsulfoxide) was followed. Suitability of this technique to monitor the metabolic activities of cells within the beads was demonstrated.
IEB authors: Alena Gaudinová, Tomáš Vaněk, Radomíra Vanková