Phytoremediation and land management of radionuclide contaminated soil

Vaněk, Tomáš; Soudek, Petr; Vágner, Martin; Bjelková, M.; Griga, M.; Tykva, Richard
In Achievements and Prospects of Phytoremediation in Europe. COST Action 837. Vienna : 17, 2003

Keywords: phytoremediation; radionuclide contaminated soil
Abstract: Soil contaminated with radionuclides poses a long-term radiation hazard to human health through exposure .I.via./I. the food-chain and other pathways. The understanding of the mechanism of radionuclide uptake and accumulation is necessary prerequisite for the application of radiophytoremediation in "real" scale.
IEB authors: Petr Soudek, Martin Vágner, Tomáš Vaněk