Plant cell lines in cell morphogenesis research: From phenotyping to -omics

Klíma P., Čermák V., Srba M., Müller K., Petrášek J., Šonka J., Fischer L., Opatrný Z.
Plant Cell Morphogenesis. Methods in Molecular Biology 1992: 367-376, 2019

Keywords: Tobacco,Cell lines,BY-2,VBI-0,Transformation,Cloning,Cell sorting,Transcriptomics
Abstract: Here we provide an overview of procedures for long-term cultivation, phenotyping, genotyping, and genetic transformation of cell cultures of tobacco cell lines BY-2 and VBI-0, and of A. thaliana, ecotype Landsberg erecta (LE) cell line. Notably, we present an improved protocol for BY-2 transformation and cloning and extend the available plant cell lines methodology toward high-throughput technologies like fluorescent-based cell sorting and transcriptomics.
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-9469-4_25 IEB authors: Petr Klíma, Karel Müller, Jan Petrášek