Scientists studying plant endomembranes will meet in Prague


Laboratory of Cell Biology invites you to the 20th European Network for Plant Endomembrane Research meeting. The conference will take place in Prague on September 12–15, 2017. Register by August 11!

As the organizers say, "this meeting is meant to create an environment for PhD students and PostDocs working in the field of plant endomembrane biology to present their work – with an important contribution of PIs in the introductions of labs and especially during discussions".


The event is organized by doctor Viktor Žárský and his research team from our institute and from the Faculty of Science at the Charles University. This group investigates exocytosis, polarized cell growth, cellular morphogenesis, and related topics. Results of their work are regularly published in top plant science journals.

If you come in Prague, you can therefore look forward to a lot of interesting scientific results, as well as inspiring discussions with your colleagues from all over Europe.


Late registration deadline is August 11, 2017. For more information about the conference, visit


Growing tip of a pollen tube. Image from a transmission electron microscope.