Structural and functional partitioning of bread wheat chromosome 3B

Choulet, F., Alberti, A., Theil, S., Glover, N., Barbe, V., Daron, J., Pingault, L., Sourdille, P., Couloux, A., Paux, E., Leroy, P., Mangenot, S., Guilhot, N., Le Gouis, J., Balfourier, F., Alaux, M., Jamilloux, V., Poulain, J., Durand, C., Bellec, A., Gaspin, C., Šafář, J., Doležel, J., Rogers, J., Vandepoele, K., Aury, JM., Mayer, K., Berges, H., Quesneville, H., Wincker, P., Feuillet, C.
SCIENCE 345(6194): 1249721, 2014

Abstract: We produced a reference sequence of the 1-gigabase chromosome 3B of hexaploid bread wheat. By sequencing 8452 bacterial artificial chromosomes in pools, we assembled a sequence of 774 megabases carrying 5326 protein-coding genes, 1938 pseudogenes, and 85% of transposable elements. The distribution of structural and functional features along the chromosome revealed partitioning correlated with meiotic recombination. Comparative analyses indicated high wheat-specific inter- and intrachromosomal gene duplication activities that are potential sources of variability for adaption. In addition to providing a better understanding of the organization, function, and evolution of a large and polyploid genome, the availability of a high-quality sequence anchored to genetic maps will accelerate the identification of genes underlying important agronomic traits.
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IEB authors: Jaroslav Doležel, Jan Šafář