Trichloroacetic acid in Norway spruce/soil-system. II. Distribution and degradation in the plant

Forczek S. T., Uhlířová H., Gryndler M., Albrechtová J., Fuksová K., Vágner M., Schröder P., Matucha M.
CHEMOSPHERE 56: 327-333, 2004

Keywords: 14C labeling, Microbial degradation, Phyllosphere, Radio-indicator methods, TCA stability, TCA uptake
Abstract: Independently from its origin, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) as a phytotoxic substance affects coniferous trees. Its uptake, distribution and degradation were thus investigated in the Norway spruce/soil-system using 14C labeling. TCA is distributed in the tree mainly by the transpiration stream. As in soil, TCA seems to be degraded microbially, presumably by phyllosphere microorganisms in spruce needles. Indication of TCA biodegradation in trees is shown using both antibiotics and axenic plants.
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IEB authors: Sándor Forczek, Martin Vágner