Uranium uptake in Nicotiana sp. under hydroponic conditions

Soudek P., Petrová Š., Buzek M., Lhotský O., Vaněk T.

Keywords: radionuclides, accumulation, plants, phosphates, polyamines
Abstract: The effect of pH, phosphates, organic acids (citrate, tartarate, oxalate) and polyamines on uptake and translocation of uranium was followed in Nicotiana tabaccum L. seedlings. Transport of uranium to upper, harvestable parts was very limited. The absence of phosphates generally increased the uptake and transfer of uranium from the roots to the shoots. The addition of tartaric acid increased the translocation of uranium, especially simultaneously with the phosphate absence. Higher uptake of uranium was also observed at pH 3.5 (acetic acid), although the translocation was lower. The spraying with polyamines (putrescine, cadaverine, spermine and spermidine) resulted in moderate decrease of uranium content in the leaves and the roots, which was still significant, except of spermine in roots. Our results showed that the composition of the cultivation media can significantly affect uranium accumulation and its distribution within the plants. Thus, the potential of uranium accumulation in harvestable plant parts can be significantly enhance.
IEB authors: Šárka Petrová, Petr Soudek, Tomáš Vaněk