Vojtěch Schmidt: Revealing the origins of phytohormones – a profiling approach

Wed, 26.04.2023 - 13:00 - 14:30


We invite you to a seminar by Vojtěch Schmidt, Laboratory of Hormonal Regulations in Plants


Revealing the origins of phytohormones – a profiling approach

Multiple phytohormones act as conserved developmental regulators in land plants. Although the closely related streptophyte green algae typically lack full complements of molecular pathways underlying these responses, there are reports of endogenous phytohormone production in these organisms. However, these reports are scattered and do not provide a clear picture.

We recently performed a highly comprehensive, LC/MS-based analysis of several phytohormones and related compounds in all lineages of streptophyte algae, with chlorophyte algae and early-diverging land plants serving as outgroups. This seminar will delve into the findings of this evolutionarily directed screen and discuss the data in the context of current plant hormonomics and phylogenomics.


The seminar will be held at the Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences, Rozvojová 263, Prague 6, in the Library room (building B1, 1st floor).