The wheat Sr50 gene reveals rich diversity at a cereal disease resistance locus

Mago, R., Zhang, P., Vautrin, S., Šimková, H., Bansal, U., Luo, M.-C., Rouse, M., Karaoglu, H., Periyannan, S., Kolmer, J., Jin, Y., Ayliffe, M.A., Bariana, H., Park, R.F., McIntosh, R., Doležel, J., Bergès, H., Spielmeyer, W., Lagudah, E.S., Ellis, J.G., Dodds, P.N.
NATURE PLANTS 1: 15186, 2015

Abstract: We identify the wheat stem rust resistance gene Sr50 (using physical mapping, mutation and complementation) as homologous to barley Mla, encoding a coiled-coil nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat (CC-NB-LRR) protein. We show that Sr50 confers a unique resistance specificity different from Sr31 and other genes on rye chromosome 1RS, and is effective against the broadly virulent Ug99 race lineage. Extensive haplotype diversity at the rye Sr50 locus holds promise for mining effective resistance genes.
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IEB authors: Jaroslav Doležel, Hana Šimková