Seznam grantů a projektů

4D plate - Spatiotemporal dynamics of cell plate development
Mass spectrometry approaches for plant immunity studies
The plasticity of protein-lipid interfaces in plant membranes perceived through evolutionary lenses
Large RI Project LM2018129 Czech-BioImaging
Role of diacylglycerol-kinases in the plant unfolded protein response
Support for the process of commercializing the results of research and development at the Institute of Experimental botany AS CR, v.v.i.
Physiological, biochemical, molecular and phylogenic characterization of metabolic pathways and mechanisms of cytokinin down-regulation in plants
Anatomical and physiological constraints as key factors governing plant vegetative regeneration from roots
Diamanty v prachu. Genetické základy květní indukce u zástupců rodu Chenopodium s kontrastní odpovědí na fotoperiodu.
Evoluce diploidně-polyploidního komplexu Chenopodium album agg. Společná anebo paralelní evoluce severoamerických a euroasijských druhů?
Good-Cop/Bad-Cop: Distinct roles of anionic phospholipids in plant endocytosis
SIGNALS - The role of anionic phospholipids in the regulation of endocytosis in tip-growing plant cells
Centre for Experimental Plant Biology
Control of plant exocyst function by protein phosphorylation in root hairs and pollen tubes - role of unconventional exocyst complex subunits EXO70C
The profile of carotenoids in selected apple varieties in relation to storage conditions
The role of polyamines in the process of plant autophagy
Contribution of super-resolution microscopy and image analysis to the study of plant in vitro cultures with the emphasis on somatic embryogenesis of conifers
Charakterizace kompatibility vztahů mezi původci fomového černání stonku a odrůdami ozimé řepky jako základ pro zvýšení rentability pěstování této plodiny v ČR
A new insight into the role of phospholipase in leaf senescence
Environmental impact of noble metal nanoparticles
Multifaceted analysis of diacylglycerol kinase family in plants
Phospholipid metabolizing enzymes as new components of salicylic acid signalling pathway
Phospholipid metabolizing enzymes as new components of salicylic acid signalling pathway
Inactivation of cytokinin-type phytohormones via N- and O-glucosylation – phylogeny and significance in evolution of hormonal homeostatic mechanisms
Tower of Babel: Mitochondrial-nuclear interactions in the gynodioecious species Silene vulgaris investigated with transcriptomics.
Impact of humanised glycosylation pathway on protein accumulation and traficking in plant seeds
Plant exocyst complex function in autophagy-related membrane transport
Syntéza nových brassinosteroidů a studium jejich interakce s rostlinnými a živočišnými receptory
Dark matter in plant cell nuclei – characterization of nuclear proteins.
New analytical approaches in phytohormone analysis