Global mitochondrial and chloroplast genome diversity in the threatened aquatic carnivorous plant Aldrovanda vesiculosa

Štorchová H., Krüger M., Small I., Adamec L., Nevill P.G.,Howell K.A., Dixon K.W., Derbyshire M., Zhong X., Cross A.T.
AQUATIC BOTANY 191 : 103742 , 2024
Keywords: Aldrovanda vesiculosa, Migration history, Mitochondrial genome, Organellar DNA polymorphisms, Conservation implication

Uniformity of organellar DNA in Aldrovanda vesiculosa, an endangered aquatic carnivorous species, distributed across four continents

Elansary H.O., Adamec L., Štorchová H.
AQUATIC BOTANY 92 : 214-220 , 2010
Keywords: Organellar DNA, uniformity, Aldrovanda vesiculosa

Genetic variation within the endangered species Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Droseraceae) as revealed by RAPD analysis

Maldonado, Andrea; Adamec, Lubomír; Suda, Jan; Mes, T. H. M.; Štorchová, Helena
AQUATIC BOTANY 75 [2] : 159-172 , 2003
Keywords: Aldrovanda vesiculosa; Compatibility test; Genetic variation