Homologous recombination changes the context of Cytochrome b transcription in the mitochondrial genome of Silene vulgaris KRA

Štorchová H., Stone J.D., Sloan D.B., Abeyawardana O., Müller K., Walterová J., Pažoutová M.
BMC GENOMICS 19 : 874 , 2018
Keywords: Cytoplasmic Male Sterility, Silene vulgaris, mitochondrial genome, homologous recombination

The slowdown of Y chromosome expansion in dioecious Silene latifolia due to DNA loss and male-specific silencing of retrotransposons

Puterova, J., Kubat, Z., Kejnovsky, E., Jesionek, W., Čížková, J., Vyskot, B., Hobza, R.
BMC GENOMICS 19 : 153 , 2018
Keywords: Epigenetics, Genome size, Silene latifolia, Transposable elements, Y chromosome

Features of the organization of bread wheat chromosome 5BS based on physical mapping

Salina, E.A., Nesterov, M.A., Frenkel, Z., Kiseleva, A.A., Timonova, E.M., Magni, F., Vrána, J., Šafář, J., Šimková, H., Doležel, J., Korol, A., Sergeeva, E.M.
BMC GENOMICS 19 : 80 , 2018
Keywords: Chromosome 5BS, Hexaploid wheat, Triticum aestivum, Genetic markers, Physical mapping, Sequencing, Synteny

Sequencing flow-sorted short arm of Haynaldia villosa chromosome 4V provides insights into its molecular structure and virtual gene order

Xiao, J., Dai, K., Fu, L., Vrána, J., Kubaláková, M., Wan, W., Sun, H., Zhao, J., Yu, C., Wu, Y., Abrouk, M., Wang, H., Doležel, J., Wang, X.
BMC GENOMICS 18 : 791 , 2017
Keywords: Haynaldia villosa, Flow sorting, Chromosome arm 4VS, Scaffold, Genome zipper

Identification of miRNAs with potential roles in regulation of anther development and male-sterility in 7B-1 male-sterile tomato mutant.

Omidvar V, Mohorianu I, Dalmay T, Fellner M
BMC GENOMICS 16 : 878- 893 , 2015

Development of intron targeting (IT) markers specific for chromosome arm 4VS of Haynaldia villosa by chromosome sorting and next-generation sequencing

Wang, H., Dai, K., Xiao, J., Yuan, C., Zhao, R., Doležel, J., Wu, Y., Cao, A., Chen, P., Zhang, S., Wang, X.
BMC GENOMICS 18 : 167 , 2017
Keywords: Triticum aestivum, Haynaldia villosa, Molecular marker, Intron polymorphism

The expansion of heterochromatin blocks in rye reflects the co-amplification of tandem repeats and adjacent transposable elements

Evtushenko, E.V., Levitsky, V.G., Elisafenko, E.A., Gunbin, K.V., Belousov, A.I., Šafář, J., Doležel, J., Vershinin, A.V.
BMC GENOMICS 17 : 337 , 2016
Keywords: Tandem repeats, Transposable elements, Subtelomeric heterochromatin, Rye, Secale cereale, 1RS BAC library, 454 sequences, TE–tandem junctions, DNA motifs

Improvement of the banana “Musa acuminata” reference sequence using NGS data and semi-automated bioinformatics methods

Martin, G., Baurens, F.-C., Droc, G., Rouard, M., Cenci, A., Kilian, A., Hastie, A., Doležel, J., Aury, J.-M., Alberti, A., Carreel, F., D’Hont, A.
BMC GENOMICS 17 : 243 , 2016
Keywords: Musa acuminata, Genome assembly, Bioinformatics tool, Paired-end sequences, GBS, Genome map

Identifying new sex-linked genes through BAC sequencing in the dioecious plant Silene latifolia

Blavet, N., Blavet, H., Muyle, A., Käfer, J., Cegan, R., Deschamps, C., Zemp, N., Mousset, S., Aubourg, S., Bergero, R., Charlesworth, D., Hobza, R., Widmer, A., Marais, G.A.B.
BMC GENOMICS 16 : 546 , 2015
Keywords: Sex chromosomes, Sex-linked genes, Plant, BAC, RNA-seq, Gene loss, Y degeneration, Silene latifolia, Silene vulgaris

High transcript abundance, RNA editing, and small RNAs in intergenic regions within the massive mitochondrial genome of the angiosperm Silene noctiflora

Wu Z.Q., Stone J.D., Štorchová H., Sloan D.B.
BMC GENOMICS 16 : 938 , 2015
Keywords: antisense RNA; junk DNA; mtDNA; ORFs; plant mitochondrial genome; regulatory RNA; spurious transcription