The Rad17 homologue of Arabidopsis is involved in the regulation of DNA damage repair and homologous recombination

Heitzeberg, F.; Chen, I. P.; Hartung, F.; Orel, N.; Angelis, Karel; Puchta, H.
PLANT JOURNAL 38 [6] : 954-968 , 2004
Keywords: Arabidopsis; RAD17; RAD9

High-resolution FISH on super-stretched flow-sorted plant chromosomes

Valárik, Miroslav; Bartoš, Jan; Kovářová, Pavlína; Kubaláková, Marie; de Jong, H.; Doležel, Jaroslav
PLANT JOURNAL 37 : 940-950 , 2004
Keywords: Chromosome streching; fluorescence in situ hybridization; chromosome sorting

AtEXO70A1, a member of a family of putative exocyst subunits specifically expanded in land plants, is important for polar growth and plant development.

Synek L., Schlager N., Eliáš M., Quentin M., Hauser M.T., Žárský V.
PLANT JOURNAL 48 : 54-72 , 2006
Keywords: exocyst, EXO70, mutant, Arabidopsis