Activity and mechanism of action of insect oostatic peptides in flesh fly

Slaninová, Jiřina; Bennettová, Blanka; Nazarov, Elšan; Šimek, Petr; Holík, Josef; Vlasáková, Věra; Hlaváček, Jan; Černý, B.; Tykva, Richard
BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY 32: 263-273, 2004

Keywords: oostatic activity; binding experiments; degradation
Abstract: The relationship between structure and activity of insect oostatic decapeptide (Aed TMOF) analogues in flesh fly was analyzed. The highest oostatic activity was exhibited by the pentapeptide and tetrapeptide analogues. A high metabolism of the tetrapeptide with a half-life in the hemolymph and ovaries less than 1h was determined. Only very low specific binding was detected in the homogenates of ovaries and in the rough membrane preparation in the presence and absence of protease inhibitors
IEB authors: Josef Holík