Chromosomes go with the flow

Doležel, Jaroslav; Carter, N.; Ferguson-Smith, M.
CHROMOSOME RESEARCH 12 [1]: 1-4, 2004

Keywords: flow cytometry; chromosomes
Abstract: Flow cytometry involves the analysis of fluorescence and light scatter properties of microscopic particles at high speed. The method was originally developed for the analysis of blood cells, and up to now, most flow cytometers are being used to evaluate human cells stained with various dyes and labelled with a variety of antibodies. The range of applications has continued to increase and encompass the analysis of ploidy, cell cycle kinetics and presence of specific antigens. The meeting of flow cytometry and cytogenetics gave rise to a completely new area of research. Flow cytogenetics, as the application of flow cytometry for analysis and sorting of mitotic chromosomes is usually termed, has contributed significantly to the progress in many areas of genome analysis and mapping as well as underpinning the sequencing of the human genome. The purpose of this article is to review the current applications of flow cytogenetics and its future potential.
IEB authors: Jaroslav Doležel