Composition of hydroponic medium affects thorium uptake by tobacco plants

Soudek P., Kufner D., Petrová Š., Mihaljevič M., Vaněk T.
CHEMOSPHERE 92 [9]: 1090-1098, 2013

Keywords: thorium, plant uptake, polyamines, tobacco, phosphate, citric acid
Abstract: The ability of thorium uptake as well as responses to heavy metal stress were tested in tobacco cultivar La Burley 21. Thorium was accumulated preferentially in the root system. The presence of citric, tartaric and oxalic acids in hydroponic medium increased thorium accumulation in all plant organs. On the other hand, the addition of diamines and polyamines, the important antioxidants in plants, resulted in decrease of thorium accumulation, especially in the root system. Negative correlation was found between putrescine concentration and thorium accumulation. Nevertheless, the most important factor influencing the accumulation of thorium was the absence of phosphate ions in a hydroponic medium that caused more than 10 fold increase of thorium uptake in all plant parts. Accumulation and distribution of thorium was followed in six cultivars and 14 selected transformants. Cultivar La Barley 21 represented an average between the tested genotypes, having a very good distribution ratio between roots, stems and leaves.
IEB authors: Šárka Petrová, Petr Soudek, Tomáš Vaněk