Contents of polyamines during vernalization in wheat

Filek M., Biesaga-Koscielniak J., Marcińska I., Cvikrová M., Macháčková I., Krekule J.
BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 54(3):: 483-487, , 2010

Keywords: polyamines, wheat, Triticum, vernalization
Abstract: The contents of endogenous free and conjugated polyamines, putrescine (Put) and spermidine (Spd), were determined during 9 week of vernalization (at 5 °C) in winter wheat seedlings cultivated on Murashige and Skoog media without (MS0) and with 2 mg dm-3 zearalenone (MSZEN). At the 4th week of chilling treatment, which is sufficient to induce generative development in 30 % of plants, the marked increase in free and conjugated forms of Put and free Spd were observed. The presence of ZEN in medium significantly accelerated the vernalization. About 20 % of plants treated with ZEN flowered already after 2 weeks and 40 % after 3 weeks of chilling. Significantly higher content of free Put was determined in roots grown on MSZEN compared with MS0 during the first 5 weeks of vernalization with maximum at the 4th week. After germination, a marked decrease in free Spd content was observed both in plants grown on MS0 and MSZEN. Application of ZEN significantly slowed down the Spd decline in leaves and roots during the first and second week of vernalization. The content of Spd and its conjugates decreased in vernalized plants after 1 week of cultivation at 20 °C.
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IEB authors: Milena Cvikrová, Jan Krekule