Endogenous phytohormones during Norway spruce somatic embryogenesis

Vágner, Martin; Vondráková, Zuzana; Fischerová, Lucie; Vičánková, Anna; Malbeck, Jiří
In Proceedings COST 843 and 851 Action. : 162-164, 2005

Keywords: cytokinins; IAA; ABA; phytohormones; immunodetection; LC-MS; Norway spruce; Picea abies; cryopreservation
Abstract: Changes in the levels of endogenous cytokinins during Norway spruce somatic embryogenesis were described. New LC-MS method was used, enabling the detection of almost 20 cytokinins. Selected cytokinins were also analyzed using immunodetection in situ. We suppose somatic embryogenesis is co-regulated both by marked changes of endogenous cytokinins during particular stages of the process, and by the changes of other endogenous phytohormones, IAA and ABA.
IEB authors: Jiří Malbeck, Martin Vágner, Zuzana Vondráková