Impact of homogenization and protein extraction conditions on the obtained tobacco pollen proteomic patterns

Fíla J., Čapková V., Feciková J., Honys D.
BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 55: 499-506, 2011

Keywords: tobacco, male gametophyte, pollen, proteomics, Roche MagNA Lyser Instrument
Abstract: Mature pollen grain represents a highly desiccated structure with an extremely tough cell wall. Thanks to it, it resists common proteomic protocols. Instead, a robust homogenization has to be performed since proteins are needed to burst out of the cell to be included in the extracted proteome fraction. Here, a novel way of pollen homogenization employing Roche MagNA Lyser Instrument is presented, sparing time and laborious work. However, plant proteomics does not rely solely on perfect homogenization; also the choice of the extraction protocol is of key importance. The composition of the extraction buffer has a decisive influence on which proteome fraction will be extracted. Therefore the second part of our study is dedicated to the comparison of different extraction protocols with respect to subsequent proteomic analyses.
DOI: IEB authors: Jana Feciková, Jan Fíla, David Honys