Molecular and biological analysis of Potato virus M (PVM) isolates from the Czech Republic

Plchova H., Vaculik P., Cerovska N., Moravec T., Dedic P.
JOURNAL OF PHYTOPATHOLOGY 163: 1031-1035, 2015

Keywords: Potato virus M, Sequencing, Phylogeny, Czech Republic
Abstract: The sequences of the 3´-terminal region of four Czech Potato virus M isolates VIRUBRA 4/007, VIRUBRA 4/009, VIRUBRA 4/016, and VIRUBRA 4/035 were determined and compared with sequences of PVM isolates available in GenBank. Among the Czech isolates, VIRUBRA 4/007 and 4/016 as well as VIRUBRA 4/016 and 4/035 showed the highest nucleotide identity (93%). Isolates VIRUBRA 4/007, 4/016 and 4/035 were most similar to the PV0273 isolate from Germany and to the wild isolate from Russia. Interestingly, isolate VIRUBRA 4/009 significantly differed from the other three Czech isolates and was the only European isolate that showed the highest nucleotide identity with American isolates. Moreover, the PVM isolates from the Czech Republic and Germany differed in their host range. Phylogenetic analysis based on ORF5 coding for coat protein showed that the Czech isolates could be classified in two of the three groupings of the phylogenetic tree obtained. This is the first report on molecular and biological analysis of the genome sequences of PVM isolates from the Czech Republic.
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IEB authors: Noemi Čeřovská, Tomáš Moravec, Helena Plchová