Nucleotide sequences of coat protein coding regions of six potato mop-top virus isolates

Čeřovská, Noemi; Moravec, Tomáš; Rosecká, Pavla; Filigarová, Marie; Pečenková, Tamara
ACTA VIROLOGICA 47 [1]: 37-40, 2003

Keywords: Potato mop-top virus; virus isolates; coat protein
Abstract: Coat protein (CP) coding regions of six Potato mop-top virus (PMTV) isolates from the Czech Republic and Denmark (54-10, 54-11, 54-15, 54-19, Korneta and Pacov) were sequenced. Comparison of the obtained nucleotide sequences as well as alignment of the deduced amino acid sequences were performed. The obtained results showed that the isolates from different parts of Europe seem to have highly conserved coding regions which is unexpected for a viral RNA genome known for its high mutation rate. Thus considerable differences in virulence and significant variation in biological properties of these isolates should not be attributed to CP but to some other part of the genome.
IEB authors: Noemi Čeřovská, Tomáš Moravec, Tamara Pečenková