Analysis and sorting of rye (Secale cereale L.) chromosomes using flow cytometry

Doleželová, Marie; Valárik, Miroslav; Bartoš, Jan; Vrána, Jan; Číhalíková, Jarmila; Molnár-Láng, M.; Doležel, Jaroslav
GENOME 46: 893-905, 2003

Keywords: Chromosome sorting; fluorescence in situ hybridization; repetitive DNA sequences
Abstract: Procedures for chromosome analysis and sorting using flow cytometry were developed for rye (Secale cereale L.). Chromosome 1R could be discriminated on a flow caryotype. Remaining rye chromosomes (2R-7R) could be discriminated and sorted from individual wheat-rye addition lines. Flow sorted chromosomes were identified by fluorescence in situ hybridization. PCR with chromosome-specific primers confirmed the identity of sorted fractions and indicated suitability of sorted chromosomes for physical mapping. The possibility to sort large numbers of chromosomes opens a way for the construction of large-insert chromosome-specific DNA libraries in rye.
IEB authors: Jan Bartoš, Jaroslav Doležel, Miroslav Valárik