Phytoremediation and land managment of real contaminated area - example from South Bohemia

Soudek, Petr; Valenová, Šárka; Podracká, Eva; Tykva, Richard; Petřík, Petr; Vágner, Martin; Vaněk, Tomáš
In COST 859. Working Group 4 Meeting. Integration and application of phytotechnologies. Leipzig : UFZ Centre : 18, 2004

Keywords: phytoremediation; uranium
Abstract: We present our results from locality in South Bohemia contaminated by uranium and nuclides from his decay range. We determined transfer of radionuclides for many plant species. Utilization of low contaminated sites for production non-food crops was also tested.
IEB authors: Petr Soudek, Martin Vágner, Tomáš Vaněk