Hot Topics and Advances in Plant Cell Biology


We are excited to invite you to the mini-symposium "Hot Topics and Advances in Plant Cell Biology". It wil be held to celebrate the 65th birthday of our colleague Viktor Žárský who was the head of our Laboratory of Cell Biology for many years.

This one-day event will take place in Prague at the Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The mini-symposium will feature presentations by leading European plant cell biologists who will share their latest findings with us.

You can also join the event virtually via Zoom at


Date and time: Wednesday, 3 May 2023, lectures start at 9:50.

Place: Institute of Experimental Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences, Rozvojová 263, Prague 6, the Library room (building B1, 1st floor).



09:30 to 09:50

Meeting friends, wake-up discussions, coffee, refreshments

09:50 to 10:00

Martin Potocký (IEB, Prague, Czechia) – Welcome address

10:00 to 10:40


Jenny Russinova (Plant Systems Biology, VIB, Ghent, Belgium)

“Cell type-specific regulation of brassinosteroid signaling in stomatal lineage”

10:40 to 11:20


Shaul Yalovsky (Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel)

“ABA -ROP toggle switch regulated patterning”

11:20 to 12:00


Ivan Kulich (Institute of Science and Technology, Klosterneuburg, Austria)

“Slow down or burst - growth regulation of the plant cells”

12:00 to 12:40


Sébastien Mongrand (CNRS, Bordeaux University, Bordeaux, France)

“Role of plasma membrane signalling during plant virus propagation”

12:40 to 13:40

Lunch break

13:40 to 14:20


Fatima Cvrčková (Charles University, Prague, Czechia)

“An ‘evo-devo’ view of cell morphogenesis”

14:20 to 15:00


Daniël Van Damme (Plant Systems Biology, VIB, Ghent, Belgium)

“Mechanistic insight into plant endocytosis”

15:00 to 15:40


Yasin Dagdas (Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna, Austria)

“Leveraging evolutionary diversity to discover new selective autophagy pathways
in plants and humans”

15:40 to 16:00

Coffee break

16:00 to 16:40


Claus Schwechheimer (Technical University of Munich, Freising, Germany)

“The ABC of polarity regulation of AGC kinases in tropic growth control”

16:40 to 17:20


František Baluška (Bonn University, Bonn, Germany)

“Concept of sentient eukaryotic cell”

17:20 to 17:30

Viktor Žárský (IEB and Charles University, Prague, Czechia) – Closing remarks

17:30 to 18:15

Wrap-up discussion with refreshment at the terrace

18:15 to 19:00

Transport to the city center

19:00 till late



Program to download (PDF)


Viktor Žárský