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Mahmoud Said EN

scientific assistant

Academic degrees
2005 - 2010         Ph.D. in Genetics, plant breeding, cytogenetics and molecular genetics, University of Cordoba, Spain
2004 - 2007         M.Sc. in Genetics, plant breeding, molecular genetics and cytogenetics CIHEAM – IAMZ, Spain-France
2004 - 2006         Diploma of Advanced Studies in Genetics, University of Cordoba, Spain
2002 - 2003         Diploma of post-graduation Specialization Studies in Plant breeding, CIHEAM - IAMZ, Spain-France
1995 - 1998         M.Sc. in Agronomy, Alexandria University, Egypt
1988 - 1992         B.Sc. in Agricultural Science, University of Assiut, Egypt

2013 - Now         Scientist at Centre of Plant Structural and Functional Genomics, The Czech Academy of Sciences, CZ
2014 - 2016        Postdoctoral Research Fellow Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic
2010 - 2013        Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Genetics Department, University of Cordoba, Spain
2010 -  ∞∞        Researcher at Agricultural Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt
2005 - 2010        Research project for PhD program, Department of Genetics, University of Cordoba, Spain
1998 - 2010        Associate Researcher at Agricultural Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt
1994 - 1998        Research Assistant at Agricultural Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt

Research interests
o    Molecular biology, plant genome structure, molecular markers, DNA-cloning and sequencing, chromosome physical mapping, genome
      comparisons and evolution

o    Plant breeding, interspecific hybridization, alien chromosome introgressions, genetic diversity, wild relatives, germplasm resources,
      chromosome deletions and translocations development

o    Cytogenetics, in situ hybridization FISH and GISH, physical localization of single-gene and low-copy sequences, cDNA probes, genome
      karyotyping and chromosome identification, optical and fluorescence microscopy, image processing, cytological analysis

o    Flow cytometry, chromosome sorting

o    Experimental design and statistical methods, morphological and agronomic characterization, fungal disease evaluation, data handling, field
      trials implementation and management

Academic activities
2016                    Stay abroad at Agricultural Res. Inst. Hungarian Academy of Science, Martonvasar, Hungary
20​15                    Stay abroad at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, US​A
2012                    Organizer IIIrd International Ascochyta Workshop. Cordoba, Spain
2010                    Organizer VI Seminar of Cytogenetics. Cordoba, Spain

Membership in scientific societies
2019 - Now         Czech Society for Analytical Cytometry (CSAC)
2011 - Now         European Association for Research on Plant Breeding (EUCARPIA)
2008 - Now         Spanish Society for Genetics (SEG)

Stays and visited countries: Austria | Czech Republic | Egypt | France | Germany | Hungary | Italy | Poland | Russia | Slovakia | Spain | UK | USA

Languages: Arabic (Fluent) | Czech (Basic) | Egyptian (Mother tongue) | English (Fluent) | Spanish (Fluent) |

Web of Science Researcher ID: F-8160-2014
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6169-8655
Frontiers Loop ID: 474337
SciProfiles ID: 1884524
Scopus Author ID: 36153707300

Director’s award for excellence in SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS 2019 - Center of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research (CRH)

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Number of publications: 64