Development of oligonucleotide probes for FISH karyotyping in Haynaldia villosa, a wild relative of common wheat

Lei, J., Zhou, J., Sun, H., Wan, W., Xiao, J., Yuan, Ch., Karafiátová, M., Doležel, J., Wang, H., Wang, X.
CROP SCIENCE 8 : 676-681 , 2020
Klíčová slova: Chromosome identification, Haynaldia villosa, Oligonucleotide probes, Tandem DNA repeats

Evaluation of turf-type interspecific hybrids of meadow fescue with perennial ryegrass for improved stress tolerance

Barnes, B.D., Kopecký, D., Lukaszewski, A.J., Baird, J.H.
CROP SCIENCE 54 : 355-365 , 2014
Klíčová slova: AGB, aboveground biomass; CIMIS, California Irrigation Management Information System; ETo, reference evapotranspiration; FL, Festulolium; MAP, months after planting; MF, meadow fescue; NDVI, normalized difference vegetation index; PR, perennial ryegrass; PVC, polyvinyl chloride; TF, tall fescue; UCR, University of California, Riverside

Genetic diversity of turf-type tall fescue using diversity arrays technology

Baird, J. H., Kopecký, D., Lukaszewski, A.J., Green, R.L., Bartoš, J., Doležel, J.
CROP SCIENCE 52 : 408-412 , 2012
Klíčová slova: DArT, Diversity Arrays Technology; NTEP, National Turfgrass Evaluation Program; RFLP, restriction fragment length polymorphism

Reduction of ploidy level by androgenesis in intergeneric Lolium-Festuca hybrids for turf grass breeding

Kopecký, David; Lukaszewski, A.J.; Gibeault, V.
CROP SCIENCE 45 [1] : 274-281 , 2005
Klíčová slova: anther culture; pentaploid hybrids; perenne L.