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Does fungal infection increase the palatability of oilseed rape to insects?

Jindřichová B., Rubil N., Rezek J., Ourry M., Hauserb T.P., Burketová L.
PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE 80 : 2480–2494 , 2024
Klíčová slova: Brassica napus; defense genes; glucosinolates; Leptosphaeria maculans; rapeseed; Plenodomus lingam; Plutella xylostella; tripartite interaction; volatiles

Triazolide strigolactone mimics as potent selective germinators of parasitic plant Phelipanche ramosa

Dvořáková M., Hylová A., Soudek P., Petrová Š.,Spíchal L., Vaněk T.
PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE 75 : 2049-2056 , 2019
Klíčová slova: strigolactones, Arabidopsis, Phelipanche, Striga, seed germination

The Systemic Effects of Juvenoids on the Red Firebug Pyrrhocoris apterus and on the Pea Aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum With Data on Life Table Response.

Jedlička P., Hrdý I., Kuldová J., Wimmer Z.
PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE 63 : 1026-1035 , 2007
Klíčová slova:

Distribution of a juvenogen and its metabolites in a laboratory system during juvenogen-induced caste differentiation in a termite Reticulitermes santonensis (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae).

Tykva R., Černý B., Wimmer Z., Hanus R.
PEST MANAGEMENT SCIENCE 64 : 654-659 , 2008
Klíčová slova: juvenogen; termite control; radiotracing; Reticulitermes santonensis