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Klíčová slova: in vitro cultivation, ex vitro transfer, change of irradiance, Nicotiana tabacum

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Klíčová slova: carbon dioxide, irradiance, humidity, temperature, medium water potential,mineral nutrients, sugars

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Klíčová slova: immobilized chloroplasts, water-stressed leaves, leaf age, activities of photosystems, chlorophylls

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Klíčová slova: Nicotiana tabacum, Agrobacterium tumefaciens, transgenic plants, photosynthesis, ex vitro acclimation

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Klíčová slova: dorsiventral leaves, acclimation, stomata, net photosynthatic rate

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Klíčová slova: long-term effects, irradiation, water deficit, primary leaves, Phaseolus vulgaris