Carbon dioxide exchange in primary bean leaves as affected by water stress

Pospíšilová J., Tichá I., Čatský J., Solárová J.
BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 20: 368-372, 1978

Klíčová slova: photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductance, Phaseolus vulgaris, water deficit
Abstrakt: Abstract. Net photosynthetic rate decreased sharply to zero in the range of water potential --8.0 to --10.4 • l0 s Pa. The observed decrease in photosynthetic rate was due not only to the decrease in epidermal conductance, but also to the decrease in intraoellular conductance. Both conductances decreased in the same range of water potential. With decreasing water potential photorespixation rate decreased whereas dark respiration rate remained rather unchanged. Simultaneously CO~ compensation concentration increased. These facts constitute an indirect evidence that water stress inhibited not only transport of CO2 from atmosphere to carboxylation sites in chloroplasts, but also its convermion into photosynthates.
DOI: 10.1007/BF02923330
Autoři z ÚEB: Jana Pospíšilová