Pharmaceuticals - "New" Environmental Polutant

Kotyza J., Soudek P., Kafka Z., Vaněk T.
CHEMICKÉ LISTY 103 [7]: 540-547, 2009

Klíčová slova: léčiva, odpadní vody, odstranění
Abstrakt: Nowadays scientists come out with new pollution. Pharmaceuticals have been used for a long time but today we have found them in environment as a pollutants. It seems that drugs and personal care products pass trough the wastewater treatment plants. Environmental contamination by pharmaceuticals is due to a new emerging problem in the last decade. Pharmaceuticals in wastewater represent a new challenge to wastewater professionals as well as to the pharmaceutical industry. This study resumes problems, occurrence and fate of drugs in all parts of the environment and shows current technologies for their removal. Also shows possible approaches and ways for solution of this problem in the future.
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Autoři z ÚEB: Petr Soudek, Tomáš Vaněk