Phytoremediation of uranium decoy range contaminated soil and screening of plant species

Soudek, Petr; Tykva, Richard; Petřík, Petr; Vágner, Martin; Golan, A.; Vaněk, Tomáš
In COST Action 837. 4th WG2 Workshop Bordeaux' 2002. Risk assessment and sustainable land management using plants in trace element-contaminated soil. Bordeaux : INRA Centre BordeauxAquitaine : 195-196, 2003

Klíčová slova: phytoremediation; uranium decoy
Abstrakt: Plant samples were collected in around two sampling points on locality of former factory for processing of uranium ore in the Czech republic on October 18th 2001.
Autoři z ÚEB: Petr Soudek, Martin Vágner, Tomáš Vaněk